Retaining walls can be found around many homes, businesses and schools in Minnesota, but you may not remember or pay attention to them until you need a retaining wall. A properly installed retaining wall is a functional and beautiful addition to your landscape. Retaining walls are for preventing the earth from moving downhill with erosion. Among several retaining wall options, Boulder retaining walls are the most popular and longest lasting retaining walls, and those boulder walls are very common in Minnesota. Those boulder walls are not only aesthetic, but are economically priced as well.

During the retaining wall design process NEC Landscaping will consider the soil type, the site conditions, the height of the wall, your design preference, and the budget in determining the right type of retaining wall ideas for your project. Due to harsh cold weather in Minnesota people tend to choose the long-lasting, stable and durable boulder retaining walls than other retaining walls.

Boulder retaining walls create an attractive look while adding function and detail to your Minnesota landscape. Our Minneapolis landscape design team will impress you with their ability to create a natural conceptual landscape design.